From September 2018, Marcus Azzini will bring Allemaal Mensen to theatres in the Netherlands. Together with a large group of performing artists from various disciplines, he makes the theatre a meeting place. Allemaal Mensen moves with the topicality of the day. A time when the one who shouts the loudest gets the most attention. In which nuance and context seem to be missing. A time when people are reduced to a single view. And before you know it you are in a box, with a label on your head.

With & by Marcus Azzini, Eva Bartels, Ludwig Bindervoet, Joy Delima, Milou van Duijnhoven, Kendrick Etmon, Rabbi Jallo, Minne Koole, Gery Mendes, Tarik Moree, Annica Muller, Rick Paul van Mulligen, Florian Myjer, Casper Nusselder, Tim Olivier Somer and Niek Vanoosterweyck
Stage design Ruben Wijnstok
Dramaturgy Madelon Kooijman
Director-assistant Emilie Pos and Jan Julius Wintermans
Light design Wiel Coopmans
Costume Femke van Neerven and Elysanne Schuurman
Marketing Evelien ter Ellen, Andrea Lentink en Marloes Pronk
Performed at CarrΓ©, Lowlands Festival and all the dutch playhouses.

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