As Niek Vanoosterweyck, an interdisciplinary artist rooted in mime, I aim for a symbiotic relationship between body and technology. This wish i acualize through performances, installations, and teaching. Tapping into human playfulness to expand the audience’s physical consciousness. In my work, movement serves as a medium to tackle, question, or reshape what is commonly agreed upon. I place the body in uncertain positions to perform intuitively and establish vulnerable agreements with my audience.

I explore how action triggers reactions in our environment. In the theatre, space becomes an extension, adversary, or collaborator of the performers, fostering a sense of doubt and stimulating a ‘being in the moment’. 

In addition to my own creative pursuits, I perform, dance and co-create with other artists, having previously collaborated with Julian Hetzel, Marijn Brussaard, Zoe Demoustier, Mateusz Staniak, Rotor Performance Group, and Liza Houben. Behind the camera, I have worked on Art House short films and dance films with Abel van Dijk, Shakuru Tajiri, Jesse Jans and Jordy Tempelman.

My experience isn’t confined to just mime; it extends to the back office too. I am skilled in creative production, hosting and technical aspects of performing arts and commercial events. I am part of the learning network De Metselarij and, as a freelancer, I regularly collaborate with BuroCurious and BeamSystems.

Committed to thinking alongside others, I draw from my broad experience across disciplines to offer critical insights and craft specific solutions for each job, always striving for a qualitative conclusion.