A mimer and interdisciplinary artist striving towards a symbiotic relationship between body and technology. He develops this aspiration in performances and installations that lay claim to the physicality of the viewer. In order to challenge the awareness of our actions and challenge each other to act without limits.
Besides my own work, I play, dance and perform in the work of others; I have previously performed with Julian Hetzel, Zoe Demoustier, Mateusz Staniak, Rotor Performance Group and Liza Houben. Behind the camera, I have previously collaborated on mainly Art House short films and dance films with Abel van Dijk, Mees Peijnenburg and Tom de Liège. I am affiliated with the agency The Movers Amsterdam.

I also have extensive experience in performance, production, and technique for performing arts and commercial events. Furthermore, I occasionally support other creators with production and business jobs. I am part of the learning network De Metselarij. As a freelancer, I regularly work with BuroCurious and BeamSystems.

I am someone who likes to think along and will always remain critical to look together for the solutions for each specific job. My experience in all disciplines gives me the different languages of knowledge to bring projects to a qualitative conclusion.

Movement makes me tackle, question, or reshape what is agreed upon. I space my body in uncertain positions. Therefore, perform intuitively and share vulnerable agreements with you.