Niek Vanoosterweyck

Born in Mortsel, Antwerp, Belgium in 1997. My parents divorced when I was two. My mother is Dutch(Zeeland) and my father is Belgian. He was born in Congo because his father was stationed there in 1959. I grew up in two households, one in the city (Antwerp) and one in the village(Onze-lieve-vrouw-Waver) to which my mother moved. I knew several moves, schools and friends. I have always had to adapt to all these environments; this has become my strength. In adapting, I have always sought, tested and stretched boundaries between people and behaviour. I have also always been an energetic person. The search for limits is physical and inexhaustible for me. After various theatre and dance experiences in Belgium, I decided to study at the Mime education. Their focus on technique and unique way to approach the body, in addition, I wanted to go out into the wide world to push my limits.