Niek Vanoosterweyck(BE/NL), born in Antwerp in 1997, is a mimer and movement-based performance artist who completed his studies in the Mime department at the Amsterdam School of the Arts(2020). He also pursued Word-Art Drama in Antwerp and took a preparatory course at Theaterwerkplaats NEST. Niek utilizes technology to create systems that limit and are reactive to a body, exploring the themes of freedom and autonomy. Particularly his graduation project TANZMANSCHINE, which is a fusion of performance, film, and installation influenced by club culture, delves into the dynamics between the human body and constraining systems. It challenges viewers to reconsider their perceptions of space and physicality. Through his work, Niek encourages a reflection on the relationship between humans and technology and its impact on our understanding of autonomy and physical existence.

Partners I have worked with are Ulrike Quade Company, GrandTheaterGroningen, PerformanceTechnologyLab, DansBrabant, HetBos, Dansvitrine, BAU performance platform and MOB. They all have shared development space and expertise to support projects.
My work has been exhibited at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, DGTL Festival, Parade Amsterdam, HetBos Antwerp, OHIJFestival .
My work has been supported by AFK, Funds for Cultural participation, Grensverleggers fund and Amare.