Gerben De Jong

Concept – Performers Charles Pas, Niek Vanoosterweyck
Light design and Sound design Jordy Zoet – Jana Iskra
Advisor Loes van der Pligt
Thanks to: Huib Folmer, Stella van Leeuwen, Rene van der Eng, Niels van Heijningen

Hoekwerk is a theatre piece played in an old elevator shaft. The audience was able to look from the second, fourth and sixth floor. Charles Pas and I are close friends and colleagues. This was our first collaboration within the Mime Education. The material (playset) we where inspired by was able to function as an easy image creator keeping the high distance of the audience in mind.

I had the video registration in my library for a long time and always scrolled through when watching or showing it. This made the piece work really funny and I found myself  dragging the time marker  back and forth. I asked Pieter to speed it up. This way it becomes a new work. A better one in my opinion. the work in the shaft was too long. In the video it has the same message. The only aspect that gets lost in the video are the big windows and the outside street view. If you look at the last picture, you see Niels walking with a big red square from the same material. A funny depth into a society which works itself into squares and boxes.