Concept – Scenography – Light Design Milan Van Bortel
Performers Milan Van Bortel, Niek Vanoosterweyck
Thanks to Charles Pas, Jens Vanoosterweyck, Karla Nuyts
Performed at Groenhout Antwerp, Havenwerk Festival Deventer

Awarded the Jury Prize as Winner of REGATTA 2016

‘How much for the fish’ was conceived by Milan and his fascination for Stanley Kubrick. He researched how Kubrick changes the atmosphere of a scene by lighting or sound. With that knowledge we created a intimate version at first. It was hard and to perform because every scene we wrapped our heads with something(ducktape, rope, plastic wrap,…) so halfway in it our senses got so distorted it demanded a lot of focus. I remember breathing into the plastic while my face got so sweaty. Because we where so happy with the piece we decided to register for Havenwerk festival. Once accepted a new working period started. The piece changed so much after this, we where still searching for the atmosphere changes. It became one where we became so ironic over it like we where the next best Kubrick’s. A lot less aesthetic but so much more fun to perform. We ended up winning the jury Prize. The Audience prize slipped through our fingers with 2 votes. Fun fact: our parents didn’t vote because they liked the old version more.