Concept – Performer – Stage design Niek Vanoosterweyck
Advisor Katrien van Ransbeek

Performed at Pius x Antwerpen


I performed the piece in the bicycle basement of my high school (Pius X). We had to create a graduation solo, the first time for me. I remember that I was the only one of my class performing a dance piece without text. Creating it was so much fun although it was quite cold rehearsing there. This basement contained so much rubbish from which I created the scenography. At the time I fell in love with ‘Still Life’ a piece from Dimitris Papaioannou some scenes are inspired from it.
My dad filmed it with his old camera and with uploading it got this strange glitch on the left side. It gives the documentation a set back of 15 years or so. It works well with the voice over about contact improvisation which is dated from 1972.