MEIS is a dance performance about themes: ‘gender’ and ‘sexuality’.

    Who are we, and who are they?
    What is it you expect from us?
    Be a man, be a woman, be whomever you want to be till exhaustion kills you.
    A lot of clichés, you better don’t take it all too serious.
    A community that makes you sweat.
    Know who you are, or don’t.
    Be welcome in our investigation.
    Now for the first time, for real.

    Choreography Jotka Bauwens
    Dancers Samuel Baidoo, Jotka Bauwens, Danae Bosman, Eva Dermul, Jade Derudder, Jonathan Franz, Dan Mussett, Olivia Van de Peer, Niek Vanoosterweyck, Francois Vincent
    Music Koen Quintyn
    Koen De Preter, Karolien Verlinden
    Kristof Vande Walle
    Costume Cecile Veekman
    Powered by Kopergietery en Fameus

    Premiered at Kopergietery 21/1/2017
    Performed at Radar Festival, STUK LEUVEN, Museum M, Chinastraat