Tom Herbots

Regarding the pain of others is a physical study of the impact of looking at violence. The stage material is inspired by images by war journalist Daniel Demoustier. From the question whether we have become numb to these kinds of images of pain and violence, we have embodyed those images in order to search for empathy again.

Director ZoΓ« Demoustier
Performers Anna Bentivegna, Elliot Dehaspe, Niek Vanoosterweyck
Music Klaas De Somer, Willem Malfliet
Video- and Lightdesign Michael Yallop
Technic Bryan Buddaert
Production Joyce Rijpert
Advisors Shila Anaraki, Eric Engels, Danielle van Vree
Advice Bart Capelle
Scenography Annemie Boonen
Video Daniel Demoustier
Thanks to Ritcs, Ultima Vez, Mime Opleiding Amsterdam

Performed atΒ Kaaitheater, ITS Festival