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    Rocky is a sculptural installation performance and short film on the beach inspired by courtship and rutting. Both phenomena include expressive behaviours of animals associated with reproduction. These ritual behaviours intrigue us, they have, after all, different functions within evolution. From fish to birds to mammals, we find this reflected. These behaviours are diluted in humans. With the performance, we want to create an intermediate form that contributes to approaching a future partner and encourages non-violent interaction.

    Concept Liza Houben
    Director Liza Houben
    Performers & Choreography Niek Vanoosterweyck and Adam Russell-Jones
    Big thanks to Titus Duitshof, Justin Mintoffijan, Marijn Huisman
    Supported by Strandlab
    Funded by Amare – Jonge makers
    Performed on 04/06/2023 at Strandlab Almere