Tanzmanchine creates a space which directs and guides the performer through a club night into an installation.
It tackles the being, the personality and the movements of the performer.
A framed club night. However, what if you were able to direct that frame? What happens when a performer can direct space at the moment itself? Furthermore, how does the relation between performer, space and audience change?
The film captures the performer’s journey through the eyes of the machine. It grants the possibility to see Niek’s performance from a different perspective, one which is impossible to imagine during the play. The battle of man vs machine is fought out before you, by combining the technical aspects and the live performance onto a single frame.

This film was created within the context of the covid-19 outbreak. As Tanzmanchine was about to do its rounds through the theatre festivals, it was put to a grinding halt. Niek Vanoosterweyck decided to bring his piece to a different medium. So it would be accessible to anyone with an online connection. In collaboration with Pieter Vandenhoudt, they created a digital version of Tanzmanchine, a film that manifests its own interpretation of the questions Tanzmanschine raised.

Concept – Performer Niek Vanoosterweyck
Camera – Edit Pieter Vandenhoudt
Sounddesign IGNOTA
Technical production Titus Duitshof
Lightdesign Hessel Hilgersom

If you are interested in the film please use the contact form to receive access.