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    A paradox arises in our daily dealings with media: we are not designed for it, yet it controls our lives. Tanzmanschine offers a unique educational experience that explores the boundaries between the body and technology. In this interactive space, we explore ways to free our bodies from the constraints imposed by media to discover the joy of controlling media with our whole bodies.

    In an age where technology is designed to be increasingly user-friendly, with simple interfaces and streamlined algorithmic processes, our physical and creative freedom seems to diminish. Tanzmanschine challenges this idea and invites us to explore and experience the tension between uniformity and creative liberation within the digital world. Supported by the unique characteristics of techno music. The hypnotic repetition, powerful beats and rhythmic patterns which are deeply rooted in the culture of resistance.

    Tanzmanschine is more than a performance; it encompasses a physical translation of my vision to inspire spectators to engage creatively with the media and the world around them. I encourage a bodily dialogue between technology, opening up new possibilities for dance and expression in our increasingly standardized digital world.

    Concept Niek Vanoosterweyck
    Film Pieter Vandenhoudt
    Music IGNOTA
    Production Niek Vanoosterweyck, Lina Ejdaa, Sam Druant
    Technical Production Titus Duitshof
    Light Hessel Hilgersom
    Thanks to Jens Vanoosterweyck, Werner Vanoosterweyck, Harry Heimans, TheaterwerkplaatsNEST, Willem Weemhof, Erik Lint, Parade
    Supported by Box22, Factor 44, Fameus, Stad Antwerpen, IDLab, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, De Parade, Stedelijk Museum

    Premiered on 26/03/2021 at Factor44
    Performed atΒ De Parade Amsterdam 2022, Museumnacht 2022 Stedelijk Museum, DGTL Festival 2024



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