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    “The Automated Sniper – Installation Version” is a performative installation on militainment and warfare that explores the oscillating relation between the virtual and the real. Seeing is the primary tool for sensory engagement in drone operation. The work of the drone operator is both virtual and actual. The image is not immediate or real, but abstract and digital. Yet it unfolds in real-time. Seeing becomes doing. Watching becomes killing. The gamification of violence is brought on stage. The performance is a battle and the stage is the battlefield. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

    Concept Julian Hetzel
    Director Julian Hetzel
    Dramaturgy Miguel Angel Melgares
    Performers Ruth Borg, Charles Pas, Niek Vanoosterweyck
    Voice Ira Brand
    Machine Artist Hannes Waldschütz
    Artistic Collaborator Joachim Robbrecht
    Dramaturgy Assistant Luc Groen, Artun Alaska Arasli
    Technical Director Tymen Bergman
    Technician Dirk Houthoff Vincent Beune
    Costume Karianne Hoederkamp
    Light design Nico de Rooij
    Production Management Saskia Reynolds, Margreet Huizing
    Thanks to Maren Sneidel

    Powered by We Are Public, Het Hem
    Performed on 24-26/07/2021 at HetHem Zaandam