13 October at ClubSoda – DansBrabant

After a three-week residency, there will be an Open Club in Tilburg. Where I will have collaborated with Paulina Prokop on the technical/visual construct for the piece Grijswaarden. Titus Duitshof and Jurriaan Vos will be helping with the design of the machinery.

Grijswaarden is a mathematical world holding flesh and bones trapped in the binary.

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By Design

18th of July till 20th in NL

Abel van Dijk asked me to join in as a leading role, co-starring Luka Kluskens in his short film project By Design. The film will explore concepts of designer babies and partner communication.

Balancing the scales

June 24 till 1st of July at GrandTheatre

Together with dancer Nazar Rakhmanov, we spend a week at Grand Theatre Groningen, using each other’s bodies to balance other people’s ideas. In Balancing the Scales, the two share knowledge about meditation, ayurveda and cooking as a counterbalance to demanding movement research.

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June 3 and 4 at StrandLab Almere

Rocky is a sculptural installation performance on the beach inspired by courtship and rutting. Both phenomena include expressive behaviours of animals associated with reproduction. These ritual behaviours intrigue us, they have, after all, different functions within evolution. From fish to birds to mammals, we find this reflected. These behaviours are diluted in humans. With the performance, we want to create an intermediate form that contributes to approaching a future partner and encourages non-violent interaction.

Naomi Moonlion

Performing in The Zone by Marijn Brussaard 

April 19 and 20, 2023 Frascati Amsterdam

The Zone is an installation and performance that researches the idea of an authentic experience in nature, and tries to create a space to reflect on this. Everything in this space in intentionally fake. The plants are made of plastic, the gravel is made of rubber and you can hear bird songs from the internet through the speakers.

We automatically associate nature with serenity and authenticity. It’s not for nothing that you can hear bird songs accompanying the massage chairs on airports, and the ‘relaxation zones’ are always decorated with faux trees and grass carpets. Here, only the idea of nature is often enough. But what does real nature still mean if we settle for a simulation? And isn’t it ironic that we seek for something genuine in artificial plants in a world where there is less and less nature to find?

The Zone is an ongoing performance and installation. You may enter and leave during the entire duration of the piece.


Mini Blossom at 2TurvenHoog Festival

April 14, 15 and 16, 2023 Kunstlinie Almere

Two performers emerge from cocoon to butterfly in a fertile garden. If people were half butterflies in the future, what kind of environment would they need to live in? Come and meet the fertile garden.


Looking towards 2023

December 10, 2022

As I close a beautiful 2022 with memories of my time with Julian Hetzel, Parade and Stedelijk. I am happy to announce that in 2023 I will be focussing on the research with Liza Houben and Grijswaarden. Alongside my own projects, I will join Marijn Brussaard’s Zone. Thanks to everybody who made came to watch, dance and enjoy themselves. Hope to meet you next year too.

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Museumnacht at Stedelijk

November 5, 2022 
Tanzmanschine’s performance and installation are going to Stedelijk Museum on 5th November – Museumnacht Amsterdam. 

The event is already sold-out. If you already have a ticket, drop by!

Research for Grijswaarden

October 10- 15, 2022
@performancetechnology I’ve continued my research in the interactive space, looking for the grijswaarden. Defining the dance floor through contextualization using the languages of Isadora, binary systems and light polarization. Adding waves, bosons and friends.

Big thanks for hosting @dansbrabant


August 12-28, 2022
This summer, Tanzmanschine – The Immersive Installation will land in the Netherlands for the first time. We will build our techno arena at De Parade, Amsterdam. Where you will be able to dance, match and manipulate sound, video, and your body. We aspire to create a sentient body which plays with its actions and reactions.

Come dance with us! Every day from 14:30 till 23:00

Tickets and timeslots



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Feb 2022 – July 2022
Another Project with Julian Hetzel!
Coming spring I will perform alongside Louis van der Waal and Christine van Stralen in the new performance installation of Julian Hetzel: There Will Be Light. In this performance, we are looking for you. We are searching through interviews for the chosen one, somebody to grant a year of contemplation by giving them the equivalent of a basic income: €15.000
Please stop working and become an artist!

You can apply at West in Den Haag, SPRING in Utrecht and Grand Theatre in Groningen.

Tickets for Grand theatre Groningen

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Platform BK, Hotel Maria Kerk and the INC invited me to join their autumn camp. They have invited fifteen recently graduated artists, designers, and theatre-makers to five days of conversations, workshops, and communal activities. Each day, they will address one important theme of working and living in the Dutch cultural sector: from working in the gig economy and money flows in the cultural sector, to experiments with crypto, staying happy and healthy, and durable self-organization. The results will be collected and distributed in a zine, to make sure that all (young) cultural workers can share in the developed insights.

Stay posted through my socials and their socials!
Will share these insights on my website as well.

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September 24-26 2021
At the end of September, I will be joining Julian Hetzel’s installation version of THE AUTOMATED SNIPER in Het Hem. You will be able to visit from the 24th till the 26th every day from 14:00 – 20:00 in Zaandam

The Automated Sniper” is a performative installation on militainment and warfare that explores the oscillating relation between the virtual and the real. Seeing is the primary tool for sensory engagement in drone operation. The work of the drone operator is both virtual and actual. The image is not immediate or real, but abstract and digital. Yet it unfolds in real-time. Seeing becomes doing. Watching becomes killing. In “The Automated Sniper” the gamification of violence is brought on stage. The performance is a battle and the stage is the battlefield. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.