• Bart Grietens
  • About
    Big Silence is an immersive media project in which Kevin Pieterse, worked on a visual-musical performance. Together we have created a time-based work immersing the audience both in a visual and a musical way. Our goal was to give space emotion and embodiment to the big emptiness that we can carry in us all.

    Concept Kevin Pieterse
    Video Kevin Pieterse
    Sound Kevin Pieterse
    Stage designย Kevin Pieterse
    Performerย Niek Vanoosterweyck

    Premiered on 30/03/2019 at the Academy of Theatre and Dance

  • A personal note

    Big Silence is the second piece where I worked with Kevin Pieterse. On his initiative this time, he asked to join his video installation. He was looking for a quality or a presence which would add to his installation but won’t take over. It shouldn’t become me performing, it should be me trying to communicate, be part, or come together with the video and sphere Kevin created with his sound and video.

    For me, it felt so uncertain to perform next to it without being “too much”. How do you perform without a clear movement score and be part of the installation? A research which I have grown quite fond of.