What is a function ? 


a zero  

the zero 

special humanitarian zero 

above zero 

below zero 

double zero 

no zero 

zero is position 

1 is a feeling 

As one becomes 0 it chooses 

a different zero 

As I am travelling the spectrum, I already lost the point 

I am coming from 

1 is not a resting point 

Holding the 0

Keeping the 1 gives time

a vibration

A time wrap, a tie wrap 

The end of the movement is a landmine 

My land

A white explosion 

Make a grey cloud

a Black dot 

A big I

Unreal clarification is reductional 

In existence

Un existence

On existence

Ø existence

Unbroken always open

Where conversation starts follows apology


Excerpt from Grijswaarden